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While Konami's budget-priced remake of the failed X-Blades, was widely considered to be horrible idea by everyone forever, Kotaku commenter Tales of a Prinny thinks it's the vengeful warrior's / adventuring archaeologists'' knees. Just goes to show there's an audience for everything.


So Blades of Time! The perfect game if you want to slash/blast through anything. The story and conversations are mediocre but the gameplay, man this game has a very awesome gameplay!

The world as you push through feels like Uncharted but the whole combat is like God of War with extra blasts. The game got this "Time Rewind" skill that you apply to the combat making it more interesting, the dodging is very responsive but the whole secondary weapon (guns) mechanism isn't that smooth to switch between primary and dodging. Kinda got killed because it didn't respond to my dodge when I used the secondary weapon several times


Need a mindless game? Here ye go =) Playing in PC, but also available in Xbox

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