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"Toique" is a new Tokyo space that offers a place to play with toys. The shelves are stacked with playthings. There are colorful tubs packed with toys. Big tables invite you to sit down and solve puzzles or play with blocks.


However, this isn't kid's play. In fact, those under the age of 15 are not allowed. Toique is adults only.

The name Toique is a mash-up of "toy" and "unique". Toique is a bar and cafe, but that's not why kids are prohibited. The concept is that Toique offers a space for adults to play in peace and quiet.


"There are many toy shops, but there aren't many places adults can play," Ikuto Shimizu, the cafe's owner, told Excite (via RocketNews).

Of course, there are arcades and video game bars in Tokyo, but there aren't many places for people to enjoy analog toys and puzzles.

That's probably because, according to Shimizu, there 's somewhat of a stigma in Japan that toys are things children play with. But since toys are things children play with, Shimizu thinks it's okay for adults to play with them, too.

While kids would probably enjoy playing with Toique's goodies, many of the toys are pricy, handmade wooden toys that cost hundreds of dollars, such as the Swiss made Naef Diamant.


Here's how Toique works: order something—a drink or a snack—and you can play with whatever toy you want for an hour. Food and drink are somewhat on the pricey side, but not outrageous for Tokyo.

And Toique's other rule should also please many patrons: No smoking is allowed.

If you live in Tokyo or plan on visiting, here's more info on Toique (including a map link).


(Top photo: Toique)

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