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In This, The Year Of Amazing Luigi Merchandise

Illustration for article titled In This, The Year Of Amazing Luigi Merchandise

As This, The Year Of Luigi draws to a close, let us gaze upon one of the finest Club Nintendo exclusives ever to materialise.


Sadly, he will be out in March 2014, which is Not The Year Of Luigi (it'll be The Year Of Someone Else). The cost is 1500 Coins, which for an exclusive 5-inch figure that looks this damn good is...OK!


The best part is that the back of the piece "is proudly emblazoned with the "Year of Luigi" logo."

Luigi's Mansion Figure [Nintendo]

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Return Of Samus

So I would of had enough for this like a month and a half ago, but since Nintendo coins expire, I bought the classic shirt and Super Mario Lost Levels. I still have 910, which I thought would be way more then enough for anything, but apparently not. And this is the first item I've actually really wanted.