You know those locked room games? Well, imagine you found yourself in a locked room, blind folded, chained, and put in a straight jacket. This is not a video game.

For the past two years, mystery rooms have become increasingly popular. As Kotaku previously reported, the mystery rooms are inspired by gaming's locked room genre—you know, the games in which you are locked in a room and gotta get out.

Recently, the largest mystery room opened in Beijing. Dubbed Yi Xiang Jia ("Thinking of Home"), it sprawls over 1,000 square meters and is divided up into five scenarios that can support up to fifty players at a time. This mystery room complex puts great emphasis on teamwork. It looks very, very cool:

体验实景"网游" 80后开设密室逃脱游戏馆 [Games.iFeng]

实景互动密室逃脱游戏成年轻人解压新方式(组图) [CRI Online]

Photos: Qianlong

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