The game's developers are so not dicking around, because doing so would be a complete cock up.

Ikare Chinpo-ya (いかれちんぽ屋) is an upcoming boys' love computer game that features a protagonist named, literally, "Angry Cock Merchant" ("Ikare Chinpo-ya" or いかれちんぽ屋). There's also his mouse friend named "Benis" ("Benisu" or ベニス), the "Detective of Buck Naked" ("Keiji no Mappadaka" or 刑事の真裸), "Tingaling" ("Otin-tin" or オティン=ティン, a word play on "ochinchin" or "penis"), and "Galilei Penis" ("Garirei Chinpo" or ガリレィ=チンポ). So. Many. Dick names.


The protagonist's moniker, however, seems based on a Japanese wordplay for the 1950s Japanese slang "ikare ponchi" (いかれぽんち), which means to "deceive" or "hoodwink" someone.

This was originally an April Fool's joke, but in the latest issue of B-Cool, a boys' love magazine aimed at Japanese women, it's apparently being turned into a game. This is no joke! (Actually, it is, but let's all play along.)


The game's developers are currently busy preparing the game's teaser site and laughing at dick jokes.

最近のBLゲームがやばいwwwwwwwwwww [人速]

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