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In the High Church of the Master Control Program

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Religion and belief were two of the key themes in the 1982 Disney classic Tron. Three of the key themes at Lifechurch.TV's location in Warr Acres, Oklahoma this month are religion, belief, and Tron.

This month Lifechurch.TV takes their message to the movies. During the evangelical church's "At the Movies" sermon series, each of its 14 locations across five states chooses a blockbuster Hollywood film, incorporating key elements of the chosen film in order to create the ultimate theme church experience. This year the location at 5821 Northwest Expressway in Warr Acres chose Tron.


The church is actually dressed up in the style of last year's Tron: Legacy, but for the sake of my sanity we'll pretend they chose the original film. It's much more thematically appropriate, what with Kevin Flynn, the creator of the computer world, sending his creation, Tron, to free programs that believe in the all-powerful users from what amounts to religious prosecution. The second movie is just about people in shiny outfits.

The transformation is rather astounding, and quite detailed. Visitors enter through Flynn's Arcade and pass through onto the Grid itself. There's even an End of Line bar, where churchgoers can purchase blue glowing glasses of tonic water and Kool-Aid.


Mixing Tron with church seems like a rather inventive way to draw in the Sunday sermon crowds. I'm just not sure how I feel about mixing religion with Kool-Aid.

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