That is, if you have talent and a relentless work ethic. Don't believe me? Ask Kouji Tajima.

Just look at his work. Fantastic stuff. But Tajima wasn't always this good.

He's worked as a character artist, concept artist, and matte painter on an array of projects, including big Hollywood productions like 2014 Godzilla movie. (You can read his resume here.)


Below, you can see some of his portfolio, including a very cool Attack on Titan concept poster that was made for fun.


I kind of feel like even if I had 100 years, I couldn't draw like this.

Recently, Tajima uploaded a photo to Twitter, showing how his art has evolved over the past ten years plus, since he was much younger. In the tweet, Taijima wrote, "A comparison of old and recent art."


You can really see the difference a decade makes—a mastery of both technique and technology. I probably couldn't do much better than the year 2000 stuff!

If you like Tajima's work, check out his official site for more.

Kouji Art [Official Site]

昔と最近の絵の比較 [@Kouji_Tajima]

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