In Superhot, Bullets Only Move When You Do

If you were going to change up the first person shooter formula, how would you do it? These Polish developers decided to throw in a dash of The Matrix and make it so that time only moves when you move your character.


SUPERHOT was originally made as an experimental project during the 7DFPS game jam, which asks people to come up with new ideas for the FPS genre, and then make a shooter in seven days.

The developers of SUPERHOT made their prototype public (you can still play it for free here, it's great), which got so much attention that they decided to make it into a full game. If any of this grabbed your attention (it definitely should have) you can back the game on Kickstarter.

Check out the game's trailer above, and the kickstarter video here:



I think this is a prime example of someone unintentionally running a genetic algorithm on video game concepts. Well, what if instead of moving through space, the bullets are two dimensional and are constrained to travel along surfaces! What if the bullets only move when the player takes a shot of vodka? What if the bullets are stationary, but the player can move the target through time! What if the player controls a bullet, and shoots guns at other bullets! How about an RPG about people who write alternative shooter games at a game jam in the matrix ... with bullets!

(that last one is what happens when you don't penalize/constrain solution size)