In Space, No One Can Hear Your Cardboard Spartan Armor Crinkle

Oh, sure, go ahead and laugh if you must. But after digesting that YouTube user and Halo uberfan "fartbuttface" (<— lol) is idling away his time crafting Spartan armor, weapons and accessories, instead of making your little petty jabs and pokes, think of this: this kid is probably going to invent a cardboard car that runs on cardboard, save the earth, become a billionaire and score unfathomable amounts of pussy. Dude's that good with his hands. Seriously, did you see the Halo 3 machine gun turret? My brain melted at that point.


via Bungie

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Whoa. Kid's got talent if he made all that stuff himself! He should enter one of those cardboard utility competitions and see if he can get some credentials. They have competitions where people design furniture out of nothing but corrugated cardboard and can win cred and monetary prizes.

Oh, and yeah, so long as this isn't his whole life and he has some good friends, then there's no reason he should be shunned for playing around; some kids use Legos, this guy's chosen cardboard.