In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon Multiplayer Modes It's You Versus Them Versus the Other Ones

In the second multiplayer trailer for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City to drop this week Capcom details the various multiplayer modes that will see your team versus their team versus hordes of biological weapons of your ass destruction.


Looks like there's a nice selection of online multiplayer mayhem coming March 20 from Capcom and developer Slant Six Games. We've got your basic team death match; a capture-the-intel type game with a G-virus twist; and a survival mode reminiscent of certain Left 4 Dead levels. Did I say basic? With zombies and other mutants infesting every multiplayer mode, these are definitely something beyond basic.


I'll probably stick to the Heroes mode myself. Defending (boo) or killing (yay!) iconic Resident Evil characters sounds like my kind of party. You hear me, Leon?

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As a huge fan of the original series it saddens me to see the direction Capcom are taking this. With each new iteration the action is ramped up and moves the series further away from its roots.Roots populated by legions of hardcore genuine Resident Evil 1 and 2 survival horror fans. The fans that made this famous. They wont make a game like that for them now. Resident Evil 5 was there idea of what those fans wanted. How out of touch could you be?

This will sell a profitable amount and theyl think "OK, so these guys want more of this then" I wouldnt be complaining IF they made this AND a decent Resident Evil game. But seems multi tasking at big game companies just isn't profitable. And if it aint broke dont fix it.

I miss you Barry.