In Preserving Old Arcade Cabinets, This Man is Doing God's Work

Richie Knucklez is an arcade gaming legend. Not only is he the world record-holder in Space Invaders, but he also runs a fantastic business that locates, repairs and restores old arcade cabinets.


He does good work, important work, so it's only fitting that someone has gone and shot a documentary about him.

The King of Arcades is a doco by Sean Tiedeman and Krystle-Dawn Willing which looks at Richie's work in terms of its cultural importance, in that it's preserving what in many ways are some of the most important items in modern American pop culture history.

In addition to looking at Richie's business, the film also features interviews with arcade legends like Ralph Baer, along with Walter Day and Billy Mitchell from King of Kong.


You can check out more about the film at its official site below.

The King of Arcades Video Game Documentary [Kickstarter]

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