In Lieu Of A Real Rollercoaster Ride, Side-Scroll Through Madcoaster

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I'm a fan of constant, yet simple side-scrolling platformers. A week ago today we saw one inspired by the Hunger Games film.

But today I'd like to introduce Madcoaster. Madcoaster doesn't ask much of its players in terms of the controls. You simply tap the screen to jump, and swipe downwards to transition from higher levels back to the ground floor. But it does ask a lot of its players once the game starts dropping in birds that can be hit for points, or when you stumble on the rows and rows of coins to be collected.

Though the music is nowhere near as impressive as a similar game like Canabalt, Madcoaster makes up for this with fun, changing themes. One minute you'll be leaping in seeming unison with whales through glacial rivers, and the next minute you'll be in a more tropical and tribal setting leaping to catch blowfish.

Since you're traveling this scrolling platformer in a rollercoaster filled with smiling children, the tracks will vary to fit the feel of an amusement park, and can sometimes throw you off. There are loops, and tracks that split into unexpected directions. There are also bonus power-ups that are randomly dispersed throughout the levels. Some will speed you through the tracks, and others will create a bird magnet, effectively drawing nearby birds in closer for the kill.

It's a little on the kiddie side, but it's a fun ride regardless. Particularly if you're just looking for a simple distraction.

Madcoaster [$0.99, iTunes]

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