Earlier this year, Batman Arkham Knight was announced for the PS4 and the Xbox One in Japan. Things have, you see, changed.

Xbox.com is hosting a Batman Arkham Knight's Japanese language site for the game's Xbox One release. Sorry, was hosting.

If you scrolled down just a teeny bit, you could see the game's box art and a 2015 release date. Here, have a look:


The arrow is pointing to 公式サイト (koushiki saito) or "official site." If you clicked on that...

It would take you to the game's official site. That, of course, only mentions the PS4 version. There is no mention of the Xbox One version at all (though, the new trailer's YouTube description does list the game for PS4 and Xbox One, so keep the hope alive Japanese Xbox One owners).


Within the last hour, however, it appears that Xbox.com is no longer hosting the Batman Arkham Knight page. Why would it? The game is now a PlayStation exclusive in Japan, according to popular Japanese game sites like Famitsu and Game Watch Impress.

When Game Watch Impress asked why Arkham Knight became a PS4 exclusive in Japan, they were told "no comment."

Of course, the game could be a timed exclusive and maybe get released on the Xbox One when it has a larger install base in Japan.


This isn't the first multi-platform game to become a PlayStation exclusive in the region. In June, it was announced that Destiny, a multi-platform title in the West, would be a PlayStation exclusive in Japan.

ワーナー、「バットマン:アーカム・ナイト」をPS4独占に変更 [Game Watch Impress]


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