In Japan, Pokémon Company Is Cracking Down On Sword And Shield Cheaters

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The Pokémon Company issued a statement in Japan regarding cheats being used in Pokémon Sword and Shield, as well as in Pokémon Home.


In it, the game maker explains that a portion of players have been using “improperly altered data” while playing, and using both the aforementioned titles, which is causing issues for others and making play difficult.

To rectify this, the Pokémon Company will be taking the following steps against those using the illicit exploits: restrict online play in Pokémon Sword and Shield, restrict the trading function in the Pokémon Home smartphone app, or suspend use of both the smartphone and Switch versions of Pokémon Home.

These measures against players will be made at the company’s discretion. They could be temporary or they could be indefinite. Moreover, punished players will not be eligible for refunds. The Pokémon Company adds that even further steps will be taken without warning. As of writing, there has been no similar announcement made for North America.

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I’m assuming this is about user-generated pokemon?

I know that was a thing in previous generations, so I’m just assuming that it is still a thing.