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In Japan, McDonald's Jumbo-Sized Cola Is a Forever Alone Reminder

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Small. Medium. Large. Jumbo-sized! The latest McDonald's drink size for Japan doesn't come with one slot for straws, but two. Available for a limited time, it's big enough to share...for those who have someone to share with.

Like this!


[Photo: mizukiaaaluv]

But, as noted on website BuzzPlus, for those who don't have much of a real world social life, that extra slot apparently a sad reminder. Online in Japan, people are saying the J-size drink is "リア充用" (riajyuuyou) or "for those satisfied with their offline life." Heh.


[Photo: atsu11katw]

Nobody is getting upset, but some folks are making snide remarks or cracking jokes. But, chin up! You don't need to use both straws. You don't need to be with someone. Forever alone is fine. So is the internet.


However, here's how one Twitter user figured out how make drinking the jumbo-size a little less lonely by faking a boyfriend photo:


[Photo: tanakya123]

For those who are curious, check out how the 650 ml jumbo-size stacks up to a small, medium, and large at McDonald's in Japan.


[Photo: 21_engeki]

The drink is the equivalent of two mediums, and as big as that is, it's still nowhere as large as some of the drink sizes the U.S. has.


[Photo: aph090731]

Refreshing? Yes. Uplifting? Well.

【悲報】マクドナルドのジャンボドリンクに「モテない独り身男への当てつけだ」「リア充カップル向けだ」との声 [BuzzPlus]

Top photo: BuzzPlus

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