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In GTA Online, Today Is Basically 'America, F*** Yeah' Day

In many places in the United States today, the Independence Day holiday will be marked by solemn speeches and somber remembrances about what it means to be American. Not in Los Santos. Folks in GTA Online have already started driving monster trucks, shooting guns and firing off their fireworks. Looks like fun!

Rockstar dropped their Independence Day add-on pack into GTA Online earlier this week, with new red-white-and-blue-themed weapons, gear and vehicles for players to try out. You can see a bunch of the stuff in action in the videos posted here, one of which is set to the theme song to modern film classic Team America. Blowing shit up. It's the American way.

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I am going to commemorate it by watching Independence Day...and Team America. Any other commemorative movies you guys watch for the 4th?