Camping is a big part of Final Fantasy XV. And what is camping, without some campfire cooking?

As previously explained by director Hajime Tabata, is part of the core gameplay of FFXV, and plays a vital role in adventuring the vast open world.

To recap, camping in FFXV converts exp gained through battles into levels. Technically, it is possible to do low-level playthroughs of the game by avoiding camping altogether.

Images in this week's Weekly Famitsu also reveal another important aspect of camping: cooking.


During camping, players will be able to have their party eat meals cooked by Ignis, the driver and chef of the group. Eating will give status buffs and other effects to aid in the party's travels.

An image in the mag also indicated the existence of a "Cooking Level" implying that that despite being a royal cook, Ingis has room for improvement.


Specific details remain a mystery, such as how to obtain ingredients, what sort of recipes are available, and if there are any randomizing factors like success rates and random variances in buffs.

In the image released, the cooking level maxed out at level 999 and the text is grayed out, possibly meaning that the leveling feature will not be in the upcoming demo of the game, Episode Duscae, and will instead be part of the final game.

The images released to Famitsu also showed the existence of hunting missions, and that one of the missions in the Episode Duscae will be to hunt the powerful Behemoth.


The Final Fantasy XV demo, Episode Duscae, will be included with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on the PS4 next month.

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