In College? Make Video Games? You Could Win A Spot At This Year's E3

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If you go to school for game design, you might be stoked to hear that the Entertainment Software Association, also known as the ESA, also known as the shadowy masterminds that secretly control the video game industry the people who run E3, just announced a contest for college students in the United States.

Around 400 schools can enter the contest, which will start accepting submissions on March 15. Each school can submit one video game, complete with "story details and content assets." By May, a panel of judges will whittle the slate down to five finalists, all of whom will win display spots at the E3 conference in Los Angeles this June.

The ESA promises that those finalists will be able to "mingle with top game industry figures including publishers, developers, venture capital and marketing executives," which sounds like a pretty sweet opportunity for anyone who wants to make games.


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I went to E3 back in 2011. I got in because I was attending the Art Institute taking game design classes. However, when I applied last year, I was denied. Have they changed their policy regarding college students then?