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Twenty years ago today, Kirby made his debut in Japan on the Gameboy in Kirby's Dream Land. Today, we celebrate the adorable ball of pink's birthday, and some of us commiserate with his inability to drink in certain countries. Fortunately I am not amongst those that do.

To celebrate, I've gathered some standout fan renditions of what is one of the cutest, most playful characters created in the video game world. Featured above is a yarn-laced Kirby from Kirby's Epic Yarn, because how can you not appreciate the soft colors and cute fabric stitching? But following in the gallery are many other interpretations, many of which include hybrid game characters. Be sure to click on the source links for full versions.

I want to stress that there are a *ton* more amazing pieces of fan art out there. These are just a few to commemorate Kirby's twenty years of existence.

Solid Kirby.


The Fellowship of Kirby.

Team Fortress Kirby.


Kirby Sucks.

Kirby and Meta Knight.


Kirby Gore.

Link Kirby.


166 Kirby.

Kirby and Dedede flight


Mega Kirby.

Moonlit Nap Kirby.


Pikachu and Kirby.

Venom Kirby.