The famed anime creator has been busying himself with other projects. Book covers, for example.

Hayao Miyazaki, best known for anime like My Neighbor Totoro, has retired from feature film animation. However, that's never meant he was going to stop working—something we've known for a while now.

This year, Miyazaki has done two covers for collections of Robert Westall short stories.


Miyazaki is even being used for the books' promotion, with an "I love Westall" quote from him appearing on a cover insert. You can also see a facsimile of his signature.


[Photo: e Honyaku Square]

This isn't the first time Miyazaki has illustrated a Westall cover. Back in 2009, he did the cover and inside art for Fathom Five.


[Photo: Baidu]

And in 2006, he also did the cover for Blackham's Wimpy and even did a manga version inspired by it called A Trip to Tynemouth.


Website Geordie Japan showed how Miyazaki brought real-world locations to life.


[Photos: Geordie Japan]

It's always good to see Miyazaki continuing to create, even if it's not full-length anime.

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