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In Case You Needed A Reminder: The Human Body Is Amazing

Here's someone that will probably make some of us feel bad about our own workouts: a calisthenics bodyweight expert called Frank Medrano. He's pretty good at showing us some of the awesome things the human body is capable of.


It's kind of absurd, the things he can do—as Chris put it to me, the dude is like a skeleton made of sinew. Observe:


Oh, and he has a girlfriend—she's called Antoniette Pacheco. They HAM together while working out, even sneaking a few kisses in here.

Hopefully watching something like this motivates you a little bit, since that's Medrano's intention—to inspire! But if not, hey, it's still cool to just marvel at it all.


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Welcome to the world of calisthenics! You'll see a lot more progress than if you simply weight-lift like everyone else. Hopefully I'll have his level of definition in a couple of months. Though I don't work out for looks, but for simply meeting benchmarks. I just reached 200 pushups in a row 2 days ago and my goal is for it to be 300 by the end of the year. I can do about 70 one arm-pushups each arm, and somewhere above 30 pullups. Pullups are probably where I am lacking and I'll also try to reach a goal of 1 one-arm pullup by the end of the year. Why am I typing this? Off to the park where I hopefully don't look like a pedophile on the monkey-bars :p