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In Brazil, Sega won the video game console wars of the 1990s. An article at Atlas Obscura delves into the Brazilian video game market, a weird place, one where a new PS4 costs three times as much as it does elsewhere.

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Nintendo’s role in the post-crash gaming market (and the relevance of the crash itself) are heavily exaggerated by the American-centric press and academia. In many markets the NES was not a runaway success and the Master System kept a competitive edge.

In many areas in Europe, the 8 bit market was dominated by computers, not consoles. Castlevania and Double Dragon were as much a C64 game as they ever were a NES one and bona fide game classics are considered hall of famers that were never released in the US.

In some places, the Genesis held its own against the SNES (where I’m from there was a significant price difference between the two in both hardware and games, but I don’t have official sales figures).

I really wish people would acknowledge those things. We're creating a parallel history where the NES was the dominant platform of the 80s, which ignores all the weird, great work of developers making games for the other popular formats of the time. It's a weird place where kids from these territories have imported American nostalgia and care about retro games that don't match the memories of those of us that lived through that time.