In Apex Legends' New Halloween Mode, Being Dead Totally Owns

Usually, it’s bad to die in Apex Legends, as it is in most games. Not so in Shadowfall, the new limited time mode running until November 5.

In the new mode, players drop onto the Kings Canyon map solo at night. The map has a spooky new makeover, by the way. Players fight as usual, but when they die, they become a Shadow—a super-fast zombie with very little health and a deadly touch. Hit another Legend as a Shadow, and they drop onto the map as a Shadow too.


Shadows can respawn indefinitely, which means no one’s out of the match ’til it’s over. The match ends when there’s ten Legends left. Then their locations are marked for everyone to see, and they have to make it back to an evacuation zone.

It rules, even though it can be a little frustrating. Once there’s more than one Shadow near you, not getting hit once is hard. In the stream above, you can watch my Kotaku colleague Paul Tamayo playing the new mode while talking with me about horror movies, spooky music, Korean cinema, and Hispanic Heritage Month, which wraps up today.


InvadingDuck | Zachary D Long

It’s pretty fun, but it’s very much a Wraith, Pathfinder, Octane game. Mobility and escape options are more important than anything, at least once you make it to the top 10. But even then it’s REALLY hard to win as a Legend. I don’t really mind (it fits the whole horror aesthetic) but the one time I won it felt mostly like the stars aligned and we won out of sheer luck (pickup near Bunker, 2 Wattsons to defend Bunker, Pathfinder zipline to goal. We had 5 make it out which is way better than the usual 1 or 2 in most games).

That said, being a shadow rules and it’s super fun if you manage to corner a defense legend like Wattson or Caustic and just get a huge group to swarm their defenses like World War Z zombies.

I wanna jump back in to do the challenges (the mode is also a good way to do dailies; the games are pretty short and sweet and still track kills or weapon damage), the mode went down for me as soon as you posted this. No option to play it.