Alex Onsager created Pokemon Fusion—a website which lets you splice together the sprites of two different Pokémon, allowing you to create a fresh, possibly horrifying combination—a few years ago. The website isn't new. This past weekend, however, Tumblr artists took it upon themselves to create artistic renditions of their favorite fusions. The results are fantastic.

Here's a small selection of the art, although you can find a ton of Pokémon fusions under the "Pokemon Fusion" or "Pokemon Fusions" tag on Tumblr. The one above, if you couldn't tell, is Psyduck + Charizard by crybringer. Original sprite fusion here.

Some more:

Magneton + Ponyta by Rodentblood

Pikachu + Venonat by spaceprincessarts

Mankey + Bellsprout by duckdraw

Tentacruel + Rapidash and many others by pokeaday

Kangaskhan + Sandslash by tcdrawsstuff

Lickitung + Ratata by stopped-mid-autograph

Gengar + Squirtle by kirono

Oddish + Primeape by psi-cadet

Bellsprout + Geodude by captainsandcavaliers

Caterpie + Arcanine by temporalderivative

Dewdong + Bulbasaur by emcee-ironchef

Oddish + Charmander by tanukikai

Cubone + Exeggutor by necromorph-slavinglovemachine

Caterpie + Ninetails by paper-jam-dipper

Cubone + Rattata by gaymaidz

Weepingtails + Kingtails by zhoid

Beedrill + Charmeleon by groldergoat

Zubat + Slowbro, plus others by catsbooksandtheholylance

Electrode + Vulpix, plus others by nevertoomanyspiders