In 2012, Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo looked at the case for video games as an Olympic sport. Could Counter-Strike or League of Legends ever be part of the Olympics?


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I can understand the argument to say that video games cannot be Olympic sports because they do not showcase physical feats. But if that’s true, why do events like 10-meter air rifle and air pistol exist? There is no physical feat here other than steady hands and good aim. If that’s an Olympian feat, then the same is true for first-person shooter games’ world champions. If anything, certain sports that are already in the Olympics should be removed for not being enough of a physical feat. If you open the door to one, you should open the door to all. And anyone who argues that video game playing cannot be physically demanding enough, I direct you to one of darbian’s world record runs of Super Mario Bros 1, where he was wearing a heart monitor. His heartbeat was in excess of 150 bpm as he approached the end, reaching a maximum of 172 bpm after he finished. He nearly gave himself a heart attack and still managed to remain calm under the pressure of knowing what he was about to achieve.