In 1994, Vin Diesel Was Selling Street Sharks At Toy Fair

Look, Vin Diesel wasn’t born a star. From break-dancing to his own short films, the guy had to work real hard to get where he is today.


One such early gig, which popped up on Twitter today, involved being the hype man for...Street Sharks merch at the 1994 Toy Fair.

This is so fucking cool. He is so into it, beating the crap out of Ninja Turtles every chance he gets. If I’d been at Toy Fair and I’d been subjected to this pitch, I’d have bought every Street Sharks thing a store could buy, and then some. Hell, maybe Vin Diesel is the reason Street Sharks toys ever made stores at all.

Bonus: every time he says “fintastic” it sounds like “Vintastic”.



He’s the fucking best! That short mealy mouthed bastard is one of the most S-Rank people to ever walk this Earth seriously what a cool guy him and his sorta awful movies(but often in a fantastic way) have brought nothing but joy to this planet. His friends, oh wait he doesn’t have friends he only has Family must lovethe piss outta him.