In 1974, Arthur C. Clarke Predicted the 2001 Internet

Not just as a vague concept, either. The famed science fiction author absolutely nails it, from the bank statements to the hardware to the social changes to the possibilities for communication.


"Visionary" is an awful, over-used word, but it's cases like this which are the rare exceptions you can actually use it and it fits.

Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet & PC [YouTube, via Neatorama]


Gawker is Dead

I hate to be the guy, but weren't computers getting smaller and smaller at that time any ways? , I mean its just common sense to reach the "Console in house" part.

its like me saying that with so much wireless tech we may actually end up using wireless to plug in our electricity instead of wires

Or with how fast our internet is going, we might one day hit 1 GB per second speed.

Hats off to this great man, but I think its just a natural evolution.