Brink is a strange game. Is it the next must-play shooter? Is it a forgettable Team Fortress knock-off? Or is it something else? Is it really a decent single-player game? Actually, how does its multiplayer even work?

The best way to explain this odd game to you is to show it to you. I played through it this weekend, and now, if you can give me 10 brisk minutes of your time, I can zip you through one of the game's missions and provide enough commentary so that you can know all you need to know.


Fair? Press play, and let's get started.

(I'm playing on the Xbox 360. The game is also out for PC and PlayStation 3. Also, as some commenters have noted, the game is getting a patch that is supposed to address the issue of graphical texture pop-in—you'll know it when you see it. This video was captured prior to the release of patches, the day before the game was released.)

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