Impressions of Explosively Cute Critter Crunch

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I was initially drawn to "Critter Crunch" by its unique art style, but once I picked up the controller I was sucked in by it's simple and addicting, fast paced arcade gameplay.


There is something unavoidably enticing about feeding cute little creatures to fatter cute creatures and then watching them explode to gain points.

Nathan Vella, president of Capy, walked up and introduced himself while I was playing the game( a down to earth and easy going dude). He told me a bit about the game development process for Critter Crunch and how the all the art was done by one artist. As I continued playing he got excited when I earned enough points to rainbow barf into my baby creatures mouth (Hey, that's nature guys) and urged me to press the correct button.

After witnessing this graphic and colorful animation, he challenged me to a multiplayer game. Initially he took it easy on me, but then proceeded to kick my butt. The release date for this PSN title is still to be announced, but I look forward to playing this, hopefully, in the next couple of months.

By Kotaku contest winner Josiah Munsey



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