Immerse Yourself In Tron Legacy Concept Art

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We're still about six months away from the theatrical release of Disney's Tron Legacy, so some new concept art of the sleeker, sexier video game world seems appropriate. But that doesn't make the wait any easier.


Feast your eyes on lightcycles and Recognizers from the past and present, architecture, and a dozen other things that are slick and shiny. Before you venture into the gallery, however, one word of caution: there are no new images of Olivia Wilde in skintight Tron outfits. Sorry 'bout that!

[via Hello Flynn/MrHedlund/Jivid/io9]

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I must say that I am an exception that never saw the first Tron but will gladly see this one. Call me what you want - but the CG for this movie has blown me away. The art direction looks fantastic and if only to gawk to at the technology, I'll also be able to drool over a skintight Tron outfit.

Not many trailers have had me so eager to see a movie - this and Inception have me going day one. As for Inception, that is an entirely different beast.