You know what makes everything better? Adding Levi from Attack on Titan to everything. Yes. Everything.

Below, you can see what Levi Ackerman looks like in the Attack on Titan anime. If you are unfamiliar with Levi, this wikia can hopefully bring you up to speed.

In the past few years, Attack on Titan has become incredibly popular in Japan and abroad. Last year, Japanese Twitter users began, in earnest, to add Levi's face to other anime and different images. The results, which were often rounded up on Naver, were quite amusing.


The king (or queen!) of the Levi face-swaps was Twitter user Kagayake_rivai, whose work spread outside of Japan to China and the West. Let's have a look back at some of the standouts.

[Photo: Kagayake_rivai]

[Photo: ATURN_sendai]

[Photo: sznmix]

[Photo: hey_cho_cleanUp]

[Photo: xma73sanx]

[Photo: Kagayake_rivai via 3captains1piece]

[Photo: momo_no]

[Photo: Kagayake_rivai via 3captains1piece]

[Photo: trk_1200]

[Photo: Kagayake_rivai via 3captains1piece]

[Photo: hey_cho_cleanUp]

[Photo: Kagayake_rivai via Weibo]

[Via Naver]

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