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Imagining Lyrics To Zelda

First there was Mega Man. Then Duck Tales. Now YouTube singer/songwriter Brentalfloss takes on his biggest challenge yet: The Legend of Zelda. Does he triumph, or will Ganon win the day?


Brentalfloss applies his unique vocal stylings to Link and his original quest to rescue Princess Zelda and save the day, donning an odd beard and taking on the role of that guy in the cave. You know, "It's a secret to everyone" guy? This time around he's a bit more over-the-top than usual, but the man is trying to sell an album and a t-shirt, and generally trying to turn these videos into some kind of livable income. A little desperation is understandable in that situation. I prefer his presence in the Duck Tales video to this one, as it was a soaring song, flying high - like a dream.


My personal favorite is still his Final Fantasy Victory music with Lyrics, but I have Final Fantasy tattoos that I can make dance along, so there's a bit of the novelty factor at work.

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Yo, that was pretty awesome and imma let you finish, but IOSYS makes up some of the best game music lyrics of all time! They always pop into my head during bossfights in Touhou games, lol...