You probably can't handle this giant parfait. I dunno, maybe you can! I sure can't. Well, not alone at least.

This is Cafe Olympic, a restaurant in Nagasaki that calls itself "Parfait Heaven"—and for good reason as it specializes in huge parfait. How huge? The establishment's jumbo size deserts start at 50 cm and max out at 120 cm. That's nearly four feet of parfait!

[Pic: Tabelog]

The 120 cm "Nagasaki Dream Tower" is filled with ice cream, ice cream cones, a piece of chocolate cake, soft serve ice cream, sherbet, a piece of cheese cake, fruit, a piece of chiffon cake, coffee jello, whipped cream, and corn flakes.

[Pic: rcp___1nn]

[Pic: tooouge]

[Pic: RYOWOW310]

This is the spoon used to eat the giant parfait. [Pic: piyopicco]

People start by piling the toppings in the separate plates and the move on to attacking the parfait glass. [Pic: mskr29]

These kids ate the 120 cm parfait in 17 minutes. Impressive. [Pic: 12Ochiai]

The huge parfait topped with the Olympic Rings, because they match the name of the cafe and mark the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Finish this by yourself and you certainly deserve a medal of some sort.

[Top pic: tsu5soft1]

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