Imagine Battlefield Was a LOT Bigger. With Space Weapons. That's Carrier Command.

I've talked about Carrier Command here before, somewhat enthusiastically, but for those who just can't see what I'm getting at, this trailer shows better than any other just what the game's about.


It's all about scale. You can be a man on the ground or you can drive a giant aircraft carrier bristling with guns. You can also drive and fly everything in between. What the game lacks in variety of units it makes up for in size and flexibility, and the singleplayer stuff shown here - not normally Bohemia's strongpoint - doesn't look too bad either. Relatively.

It's amazing to think that almost nothing you see here is that new, either; this is a remake of a game from 1988. There were some forward-thinking developers back then, I tell 'ya.

Carrier Command is out in Europe on September 28 and in North America on October 2. It's coming on Xbox 360 and PC (the clip above is from the 360 version).

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