Imagine Andrew Ryan With An Australian Accent

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Can you remember the voices from BioShock? Of Brigid Tenenbaum, or Sofia Lamb, or Dr. Suchong, or Andrew Ryan? Now imagine them all with Australian accents.


If casting for an upcoming web series being produced in Victoria, Australia goes well, then you'll never hear those sounds. A casting call on audition site Starnow says that the web series, if it's finished, will cover the events of BioShock's prequel novel, BioShock: Rapture.


Out of the 11 parts sought, a call for a Bill McDonagh part is conspicuously absent considering his weighty role in the novel; maybe the slot's already filled. Note, however, that none of the parts offer any pay. I know what Andrew Ryan would say to that kind of labor: "Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?"

It's no full-fledged BioShock film, to be sure, but that's probably for the best. A man chooses. A slave does character parts in an amateur Australian web series for free.

Australian Actors Wanted For BioShock Prequel Web Series [Kotaku AU]

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