I'm So Sorry - If Oblivion Was a Music Video

I tried my best to avoid ever sharing this epic creation by Chris Dane Owens, but someone at Bethesda thinks it's a good representation of what Oblivion would look like as a music video.

Mr. Ashcraft passed this video to us a good week and a half ago, and upon watching it the first time I was determined never to watch it again. Then Bethesda had to go and post it on their blog. This is the sort of music video that D&D players used to dream of back before high-definition gaming existed, filled with gorgeous women, random explosions, out-of-place electric lights in the sinking boat stock footage, and plenty of dorks in armor.


This is nothing like Oblivion...though god help me I cannot tell if it is better or worse.

If Oblivion was a music video… [Bethesda Blog]

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