I'm Pretty Glad The Original Doom Wasn't A Modern Shooter

This isn't the Doom you know. It's... it's something else.

This video combines some mods (including the ever popular Brutal Doom) and clever After Effects usage to re-imagine Doom—first-person shooting's great grandcyberdemon—as a modern shooter in the vein of, say, Call of Duty or Counter-Strike.

I'm mixed on this. On one hand, that actually looks kinda fun! Heavy hitting and quick with a few features that became standard loooooooong after Doom's time. Neat. That said, the effect is jarring in my opinion, what with all the scope aiming and demons bleeding gaudy yellow numbers in addition to, you know, blood.

But hey, at least they didn't figure out a way to add grenade spam.

I don't hate modern shooters (I really like quite a few of them), but Doom was its own breed of demonic blast-'em-up. It's interesting to see its pixeltastic features given a "modern" military-ish makeover now, but I'm glad the genre didn't get its start with XP systems, perks, and the like. Sometimes less is more.


There's a new Doom coming out... eventually. "When it's done" and all that. I saw it at QuakeCon, and it seemed to be the story of a man who tore demons' arms off and beat them to death with their own dangling digits until a demon tore his arms off and beat him to death at the end. Poetry. Well, you know, Doom poetry. I hope the final plot twist is that we were the Cacodemon all along.

At any rate, it was fast, gory enough to paint the entirety of hell red (er, different red), and full of no-nonsense demon-killing. So even in the modern era, it seems like Doom won't stop being Doom any time soon.

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Few things are missing:
1. Forgetable run of the mill symphony orchestra soundtrack

2. regenerating health, where is it?

3. cinematic action scenes where you are kinda in control, but you are really not

4. COMPLETELY linear design on levels, no side rooms at all