Greetings, Kotaku, and welcome to the Tuesday open thread.

You may have heard that HBO is selling a real, life-sized replica of the Iron Throne for #30,000.

What you may not have heard is that the characters from the show have begun to leave user reviews of the Throne. I saw that today on The Mary Sue and had only one response: Ha!

Take this review, left by the Joffmeister himself:


Joff may like it, but I'm not sure I'd pay $30 for the Iron Throne, let alone $30,000. I come from the Iron Islands, and so I would pay only the iron price!

But how about you? What would you pay for a life-sized Iron Throne? Would you even want one? If you had one, would you watch Game of Thrones while sitting on it? You'd think that there'd be a bottle-opener somewhere on that bad boy, right?

Feel free to discuss those things, or anything else you please, in the open thread. The con is yours, Kotaku.