To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

Back from E3! And feeling recharged, actually. Getting to LA from Japan is a drag. It's even more of a drag when your flight is delayed and you miss your site's party. (I hope all your other people liked it!) But totally worth it, and I think we had a great show.


Really enjoyed seeing everyone again. It's easy to forget how hard everyone works on the site, given how we are all separated by time and space. But it was inspiring to be in the same room with everyone, churning out posts. Feel rarin' to go now that I'm back home.

It was terrific being back in LA again — a city I really love. Perhaps it's my most favorite city in North America! I dunno!


The strange thing I often feel about being in the US is that obviously the country changes, and I'm in America for a couple weeks a year. So I become attuned to those changes. Sometimes it's less like a homecoming and more like being a visitor, you know?

I once did an interview with a Japanese industrial designer for an article I wrote, and he had lived in the US for a good number of years. He pointed out that when people live abroad, sure, they learns about a new country, but they learn more about their own country. I agree with that completely.

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