I don't mean that in a hipster sense. I mean it in a sense that this is a game Nintendo hasn't marketed as strongly as perhaps it could have. At least to me.

This isn't a Zelda game. Isn't a Mario game. There's no Yoshi, no Luigi, no Donkey Kong. Yet unless you're from Japan or are a very dedicated European fan, you've probably never heard of Nintendo Pocket Football Club.

It is, to break it down, Football Manager meets Nintendo. You create a team, you manage that team as it rises through the ranks, you buy and sell players, you improve the players you've got. Only, instead of coming wrapped in the presentation of a glorified spreadsheet, it's got this cutie little art style. The combination of which pushes all my buttons, all at once.

It's coming to Europe's 3DS eShop in April. No idea whether it'll be out in the US or not; I can't see why not though, since it's a digital title.