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I'm Going To Bounce On Toilet Paper While Roleplaying As A Cat All Day

Illustration for article titled Im Going To Bounce On Toilet Paper While Roleplaying As A Cat All Day

Are you telling me there's an iOS game called Rainbow Tissue Cat and you think I wouldn't choose it as my Gaming App of the Day?


In Rainbow Tissue Cat, you bounce around on platforms and off the tops of birds' heads as Mr. Tibbles who sits atop a roll of bouncy toilet paper. Meowji Castle is under attack by the fiendish birds, and only you, Nyan Cat-looking furball, can swat them away while avoiding missiles, blades, and other traps.

Mr. Tibbles even comes complete with a trailing rainbow everywhere he bounces to, and he bounces along to upbeat, electronicy music that's another nudge towards the famous Nyan Cat.


You can rack up more points by hitting birds in a row, getting a critical hit by zipping across the screen to attack a bird, or just collect stars to spend toward new cat avatar designs. Some birds even drop bonus items, like an hourglass to slow things down or 2x points.

Occasionally I want an in-depth, story and art-driven game to spend ample time with on my iPad. But more often than not, I want to waste a few minutes playing something cutsey, where getting a higher score is all that pushes me forward. That, and cute cat customizations like a lion-cat or an astronaut-cat. Rainbow Tissue Cat is definitely of the latter nature, and it suits my taste just fine.

Plus, cat bouncing around on a roll of toilet paper. That basically poops rainbows. What more could you ask for?!

Rainbow Tissue Cat [$0.99, iTunes]

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I might buy it just because of how adorable it looks; i'm a sucker for cute rainbow cats