I'm Glad That Vikings Have Taken Over Video Games

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Seriously, between Skyrim, The Banner Saga, and now gorgeous-looking 2D brawler Viking Squad, they've been killing it lately. And people. They've been killing lots and lots of people.

Viking Squad is a great-looking brawler coming from the presumably difficult-to-grip folks at Slick Entertainment. It's got all the traditional staples of a good rough-'em-up-and-take-their-stuff: nice hand-drawn art, weapons to unlock, and multiple characters to upgrade. Honestly it reminds me a lot of Castle Crashers, only much beardlier.


The twist is, there's a lane system, which makes the game sound like it's taking a cue or two from MOBAs. Then again, plenty of 2D brawlers have had players move between foreground and backgrounds parts of the stage, so maybe this is just Slick's evolution of that.

Regardless, this one looks extra snazzy. It'll be out on PC, Mac, and PS4 next year.

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Skyrim came out nearly 3 years ago now, how crazy is that?

Super. It's super crazy.