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I'm A Little Weirded Out By This "Sexy" Blade Runner Video

Joanna Cassidy had a small role in Ridley Scott's classic Blade Runner. She was the mostly-naked robot lady with the snake. Well, according to Cassidy, the role was meant to be a little bigger, with the original script calling for a scene in which she did an exotic "reptile dance."


This scene was never shot. Yet bizarrely, Cassidy, now 67, has decided to act it out now on camera. And it's...a little weird. Especially since I'm pretty sure none of the Blade Runner versions have R. Kelly on the soundtrack.

At least this time she's got a real snake!

What Might Have Been: Snake Dance [YouTube, via Topless Robot]

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beleave it are not i never seen blade runner by the looks of this i made a wise choice