Your pocket? Yes. Your bunghole? Just don't. Please. If you didn't think that was common sense, there was apparently a warning to Digimon players about just that.

This week, photos supposedly of a Digimon Mini how-to book show the following warning: "Shiri ni Irenai" (しりにいれない) or "Don't put it in your butt." Because these little handhelds are powered by little batteries that could get stuck and mess up your innards.

So, yes, don't put these in your bottom. Is this a cheeky request from overprotective attorneys?


The warning images first popped up online a while ago. Older threads indicate that this warning actually refers to the not sticking the dust jacket of a Digimon Mini walkthrough book, which, if true, is even more perplexing.

But the warning's recent rediscovery on Twitter over the weekend has lead to a couple humorous takes for various other items. That way, people know not stick things in their tush, should said desire rear its head.

[Photo: juri556]

[Photo: Akihitweet]

[Photo: juri556]

もうこれから全てのオモチャにこの注意書きを徹底すべきじゃないかと思い始めてる [SSNo_03@Twitter]

Top photo: Nao

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