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If You're Streaming a Game Online, Don't Start Jerking Off on Camera, OK?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Poor Slooshi. The League of Legends player was livestreaming one of his rounds earlier today when, in a fit of boredom, he decided to alt+tab and do something else.

Like, uh, go watch some porn. And knock one off.

In a scenario that makes your standard "go to high school naked" nightmare seem like a lottery winning, his capture gear recorded the whole thing, from his own face and, uh, actions to what he was actually watching on his desktop.


This should have resulted in about the worst day ever for the poor kid, and certainly cause for a long seclusion from all things internet, but nope. After his account was shut down and the footage deleted—TwitchTV tells us this is automatic in instances of pornographic material being broadcast—he's already returned to livestreaming (after an apology got his account reinstated on the grounds it was an accident) and has somehow taken the whole thing in his stride, even joking that it was a "tactic" and changing the banner of his streaming site to read "Got caught fapping AMA".

Which is awesome.


That's called getting back on the horse, kids.

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