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If You Swallow an SD Card with Illicit Photos, the Cops Will Know

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier this month, a 55 year-old junior high school teacher allegedly took pictures up a young woman's skirt at an anime shop in Osaka's geek district, Den Den Town.

The teacher, Manabu Wakita, admitted that he was following a 20-something woman around, but "absolutely" denied that he took illicit photos of her with a small-sized camera. Staff at the anime shop Animate reportedly noticed something suspicious and called out to the middle-aged man.


According to reports, Wakita then supposedly put his camera's SD Card in his mouth, where it made a "crunching" noise.

Police announced that part of the SD Card has since been discovered in Wakita's body (some Japanese blogs are reporting that they found it in his, ahem, poop). On the recovered card, officers apparently discovered the peeping pictures in question and arrested Wakita.


Bet the prison food tastes better than SD Cards.

アニメ店で盗撮認める、府条例違反容疑で逮捕の中学教諭 [産経]

(Top photo: Alice Day | Shutterstock)