If You Like Disappointment, You'll Love Disney Infinity 3DS

Released alongside its console cousins at the exact same $74.99 price point, Disney Infinity for the 3DS is a collection of sad mini-games featuring characters that are much more interesting on the Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


There are absolutely no Metacritic reviews for the 3DS version of Disney Infinity, subtitled Toy Box Challenge, as of this writing. I had to specially request a copy of this version with my PlayStation 3 review copy, and even then it didn't make it into the initial shipment.

This is the game Disney never really talked about. I certainly wouldn't have, were I them. There's an awful lot of fun stuff happening over on the consoles. Why detract from that? I mean, at some point it would have been prudent to mention the massive difference between this game and the other versions, but that would have just led to people not buying this one because it's shit. No company puts out a product they don't want anyone to buy.


So while we're feeling sorry for the PlayStation 3 Disney Infinity players who had to wait over two days to play without losing their progress, the Wii folks disappointed by the lack of co-op in adventure modes, and the Wii U crowd who were sold a game that promised Classic and Pro Controller support but actually had neither, save some sympathy for the kids who went for the 3DS version. There's no patching it better.

During Sunday morning's Disney Infinity launch, I warned a mom at GameStop away from the 3DS version in favor of the Wii. I've been feeling great about that all week. Now I'm warning the rest of you.

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So, as someone who thoroughly enjoyed having none of my invited friends show up at my 7th birthday party, accompanied by a sad clown and sad trombone, you're saying that I should buy this game immediately?