If you've ever wanted to play a game that could genuinely be described as a cross between Persona, Phoenix Wright, and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, you've gotta look into Danganronpa.

Out for the Vita on Tuesday (February 11), Danganronpa is a visual novel in which 15 students are trapped in a high school and told by a psychopathic bear that if one of them wants to escape, he or she just has to murder another student without getting caught. You play by reading, exploring the school, building relationships with the other students, and mini-gaming your way through Phoenix Wright-inspired "class trials" to figure out which of your classmates are murderers.

I've only played Danganronpa for a few hours so far, so I can't give it a full-on recommendation just yet, but what I have played is addictive and amazing, to the point where I was up way too late last night playing, just like with my 2012 GOTY nominee, Virtue's Last Reward. If you're into visual novels—or murderous stuffed animals—keep this game on your radar.