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UPDATE (11/5/14): The new v2.01 update appears to fix the widespread Rest Mode issue, so if you've downloaded that, it should be safe to put your system in hibernation again.

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Earlier this week, Sony released a new patch for the PlayStation 4, and if you've downloaded it, here's my advice: be very, very careful.


See, the PS4's v2.00 patch, which adds features like SharePlay and a new app for YouTube, also brings with it some major technical issues. In addition to a host of random problems reported by a sprinkling of PS4 owners across the web—volume fluctuations, inconsistent connectivity, etc.—there's one issue that seems to be affecting a whole lot of people: Rest Mode doesn't work right.

Last night, I put my PS4 in Rest Mode, and when I woke up this morning, the console wouldn't turn on—I had to manually reset it, potentially risking damaging the system and its files. Same thing seems to be happening to a lot of other people, too.


A few of us here at Kotaku have had firsthand experience with this Rest Mode problem, and scans through Twitter and Reddit reveal that it's a widespread issue. Some Redditors have suggested potential ways to fix it, but none of them seem to be foolproof.

When I reached out to Sony yesterday, they said they're looking into these issues, but there's no word on an ETA for a fix. For now, I recommend just turning your PS4 off entirely when you're done with it. Better to be safe than sorry (and bricked).


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