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It's hypothetical question time for Speak Up on Kotaku! Today commenter Deakor asks us what one developer we would pick if we were cursed by some vengeful wizard to only play games from one studio for the rest of our miserable lives.


So a friend of mine and I were discussing game developers the other day and in the course of that, I stated that if I had to, I could be happy just playing Bioware games and nothing else.

Granted, I recognize that Bioware games are not everyone's cup of tea, that their RPGs tend to follow a fairly predictable formula (even going back as far as the Baldur's Gate series), and that the ethical choices in the game tend to come down to, "should I feed the starving masses with organic eco-friendly health food or dine alone on grilled puppies?"


Despite that, something about Bioware games really resonates with me and I find that most of my fondest gaming memories are associated with one of their titles. I enjoy their stories and characters and the games tend to offer plenty of playtime/replay value. Plus, they can do stuff other than RPGs (MDK2) though they haven't in awhile. I'm anxious to see what they do with the new Command & Conquer game.

So, with that I thought it would be interesting to pose the question to others: if you could play games by only one developer for the rest of your life, what developer would you choose and why?

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